Due to rising costs and scarcity of fluorescent fixtures and parts, we recommend replacing existing fluorescent fixtures with more modern LEDs.
We have found that the best method is to install a small sample of fixtures in multiple areas to experience the LEDs firsthand in the space. With that step complete, you should be confident to move forward with a facility-wide LED upgrade.
Typically, we install LED fixtures that are both color and lumen-selectable to match your current lighting needs best.
High ceilings typically require a high lumen output because the light is lost at a higher distance from eye level. Investing in high quality, high lumen, low maintenance LED fixtures is important when replacing high bay fixtures.


Typically, the product literature that comes with your equipment will help determine whether or not your commercial equipment requires a dedicated circuit. Believe it or not, sometimes the only way to make this determination is to call the equipment manufacturer and ask the question directly.


Wall packs can be upgraded by replacing them with a like-for-like LED version.
Wall packs can be upgraded by replacing them with a like-for-like LED version.
One of Sherwin’s Certified Electricians can identify the defective bulb and locate a suitable replacement.


Several factors can play into this decision, but the main questions are:

1. What size generator am I considering?
2. Do you have access to natural gas near the generator location?

Bollards are typically installed to prevent damage from traffic, dumpsters, etc. Fencing and security cameras are also options.
A generator sized to back up the entire facility is certainly an option, but many facility owners are satisfied by backing up critical operations only.